Best online platform to consider while shopping for home decor products.

Home is where our heart is, which is why this little abode needs to be vibe at the highest possible level. If you want to create a comfortable space in your house, upgrading the decor is the best solution. While painting and arranging the furniture is one solution to upgrade your house, if you are looking for some budget options in home decor, you can update your flooring.

We are not telling you to change your tiles unless they really require some work. You can make your flooring all brand new simply by laying a carpet on it. You can now buy Indian carpets online, so you can explore the vast collections of carpets that the buyer has to offer.

When you buy Indian carpets online, you get to carefully study the different carpet options including the size, colour, fabric, the warranty and several other features too. For those who have a jam-packed schedule and have no time to visit a home decor store personally can buy Indian carpets online and save their time.

If you want to buy the best Indian carpets online, visit Jaipur Rug’s online store and be amazed with the plethora of collections that the founder has to offer. Founded by NK Chaudhary also known as the Gandhi of the Carpet Industry, Jaipur Rugs are one of the largest manufacturers of hand-knotted rugs.

Why should you buy carpets from Jaipur Rugs?

  1. Rug warranty: Jaipur Rugs offer a 24 months warranty against manufacturing defects depending upon the type of weaving. They also offer a warranty on defects outside entitlement such as shedding, occasional pulls or loss of single tufts, colour and texture changes due to prolonged exposure to sunlight or humidity and heat, rolling marks or matting and crushing in the rugs.
  2. Rug repair: Jaipur Rug’s professional staff is expert in repairing even the finest of rugs. They offer repair services such as refringing, binding or surging. They also offer a replacement in torn or detached backing, adding or removing fringes and mild water damage.
  3. Rug washing: With 40 years of experience in rug making, the skilled staff is an expert in washing rugs. Not only that, but they also arrange for rug pickup and delivery. The best part about buying Indian carpets online from Jaipur Rugs is that they offer the first carpet wash for free.
  4. Stain resistance: Jaipur Rugs’ stain resistance coating survive is available as an add-on for new rugs. Booking this service means you can keep your rug stain-free for a year. This service is available for older rugs too, but only after the staff determines the condition of the carpet.

With such amazing services being offered by Jaipur Rugs, buying Indian carpets online will be convenient for you. Check out the amazing collections of Indian rugs on this online store and amp up your home decor.

Quality rugs are a special feature of Jaipur Rugs and if you are looking forward to deck up your home in the contemporary style, visit Jaipur Rugs’ online site for the finest collections of carpets.