Changing Your Oxfordshire Office

Being based in Oxford, you’ll be aware that in an ever-changing world with the pressures of Covid requiring greater flexibility, the possibility of needing to change your work premises to meet new demands is genuine. Looking at an office refurbishment or fit-out is a good idea, so you know what is available; the best office interior specialists offer interior choices to suit any budget, they can visit your office, design the refit to your specifications, install and give a period of aftercare once it is completed. Let’s investigate your options and the benefits they can bring to your business.

Finding a Great Supplier for You

It’s essential to have your refurbishment managed by a supplier of a good standard. To start this process, use your favoured search engine and type in office fit out in Oxford; take some time to view prospective suppliers’ websites. Having noted several possibilities, you could then use consumer sites such as Trustpilot and Feefo to check how well they are rated; this is excellent information on which to make your selection. Having made your decision let’s now get an insight into the areas you can improve.

Enhancing The Natural Light in Your Workplace

Having the correct amount of natural light in an office environment is of enormous importance; not only are you duty-bound to do this, but if perfected to a high standard, it can reduce stress, increase productivity and wellbeing. Glazed partitions replacing solid walls or partitions and upgrading to Led lighting can both achieve the desired effect to give a happy and healthy employee. The correct lighting can also provide a modern professional look accentuating changes you may make in other areas.

Changing The Furniture & Uplifting Your Décor

A large portion of how your office looks has to do with the décor; impressive gains can be obtained for a relatively low cost if you choose to makeover your premises. It is possible to use paint, wallpaper, plaster or vinyl in a variety of warm tones or uplifting colours to achieve an aesthetically pleasing visual experience. Upgrading the furniture to complement your new décor can also impact the workplace; from seating to whole workstations, the right colour and materials have the potential to combine for a modern professional look to your office. Plants and planting, also known as Biophilics, can also be used to improve the natural feel of the office environment.

Re-assessing The Layout of Your Office

When fitting out your office, it is more than reasonable to assume that how you use the space is very important; there are various partitioning systems available to you, depending on your requirements. The already mentioned glazed partitions are a popular choice with their clear benefits; another option is a drywall partition that can give a higher level of sound protection. If flexibility is needed, then the demountable partition can be used as they can be installed and disassembled at will; they also have a bonus of being tax-deductible.

Summarising The Benefits of a New Fit-Out

Having taken a brief look at areas of possible improvement, let’s conclude by summarising the benefits a fresh modern new office environment can bring to you –

  • Improved Staff Output & Wellbeing
  • Impressing Visiting Clients & New Customers
  • Accentuate Your Brand Identity
  • Your workplace working for you
  • Flexibility for the future.

Take a look at an office fit out today!