Choosing The Best Type Of Doors For Your Patio

When you are looking to change your patio doors, there are many options available for you. The best types of doors for your home will depend on your budget and your taste, but there are options to suit everyone. Below you will find some of the different types of doors and materials you can select that will transform the patio area of your home and make it an inviting space.

The Different Types Of Doors

When selecting the doors for your patio, you have three main options from which you can choose. These can vary drastically in price depending on the size of the patio doors you require and whether they need to be custom-made to fit. The three main options are:

Traditional Sliding Doors:

The cheapest option you have available is traditional sliding doors that consist of two glass panels, and one or both move to the side to open. These style doors are excellent for a home, and they are the standard doors installed in many houses throughout the country. If you are on a tight budget, this may be the best solution for you.

French Doors:

French doors are another popular feature that people add to their homes, and these are traditional double doors that open. These are a little more expensive than sliding doors, but they can add character to a property and look fantastic when they are installed.


You can also consider opening the outside to your home by adding high-quality bi-fold doors. These doors are an engineering marvel that can open the entire wall length they are installed on, making the room and garden seem like one space. These are a more expensive option, but they are convenient and look fantastic. You can also find that it can increase the value of your home and curb appeal.

Common Materials You Can Use For The Frames

There are various materials you can use for the frames of your doors, and there are three main options available from which you can choose. The materials can vary in price and the aesthetic feel they will give your home but selecting the right materials for your doors is vital. The three primary materials for the door frames include:


Wood is a popular choice and can be expensive depending on the type of wood you use. When using wood such as oak, you can find that it increases the weight of the doors, which may mean added expense as you will need to install a quality mechanism to make opening and closing the doors easy.


A metal finish on the frames of your doors can make them pop and stand out, and aluminium is a lightweight but durable material. It is also relatively low-maintenance and easy to clean, and the door frames in this material are usually at an affordable price.


The cheapest option for your door frames will be uPVC, a strong and durable material available in many colours and is relatively low maintenance. These are also the most common option for door and window frames, so plenty of choices is available.

These are the main options you have available, but there are more besides. You can click here to get more advice on patio doors and help connect the inside of your home with your garden.