Different types of landscape lighting

You have many landscape lighting options to choose from. You can use any of these lighting options to improve your landscaping, depending on how large your property is and what mood you want.

Path lights:

These lights can be used to provide illumination for every step your family or friends makes when they approach your home. Path lights are decorative and can be used to prevent someone from falling.

Postmount lights:

These lights add elegance to your home. These lights are outdoors and are made by attaching lanterns to tall posts. They can be placed near fences, gates, or entranceways. Postmount lights can be placed anywhere people gather.

Deck lights:

Deck lights provide greater illumination. These lights are typically used to help you see every step and create boundaries. These can not only make the deck more beautiful but also make it safer.

Step lights:

It is important to have lighting at each step if you have stairs outside. Mount them at the top of each step or near them so that people can see clearly as they go up and down. They can be used to help people move around, just like deck lights. However, they also provide visual contrast.

Bollard Lights:

Bollard lights can be a good alternative for homeowners who need more light than traditional path lights. Bollard lights are larger and can be used as both a guide and an ornamentation tool to create striking and bold designs. For a consistent approach, place large bollards to illuminate entryways. You can also use smaller bollards instead of path lights.


You can use aim spotlights to highlight features like flowers, ornamental shrubs, trees, or other plants. Spotlights can also be used to highlight unique features or sculptures in your home’s exterior design.


Floodlights can spread light over a wider area than ordinary spotlights. Floodlights can be used to illuminate your entire driveway or front yard, which is a safety feature as well as a decorative element.

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