How to Enjoy the Summer Heat at Home

Summer… Hotter days, longer nights; a season loved and enjoyed by many. In the ‘new normal’ we need to spend more time within the confines of our properties to flatten the curve. In this article, we offer some recommendations on how to make the best of the sunny season while still being at home.

Sometime in the future, you may even want to list your home for sale; having an established garden that doubles as a tropical summer entertainment space is likely to set your home apart from the rest.

Suntanning and Pool Time

If you don’t have a large back garden, you can invest in a small, inflatable splash pool, or even a larger, more permanent ceramic swimming pool. There are many experienced specialists in the UK who will offer you expert advice and guide you to making the best choice for your property.  Just because you can’t travel to the seaside at the moment, doesn’t mean that you can’t spend some time in the water to beat the heat. Apply some sun-tanning lotion and enjoy the warmth of the sun on your skin. Remember to apply regularly so as not to burn. An added bonus about a summer staycation is you also don’t need to worry about keeping a constant eye on the little ones because they can’t go anywhere.

Barbeque Vibes

Aspiring chefs, give the cooker a rest and fire up the outdoor grill. If restrictions in your area allow, invite the neighbours around and socialise over the aroma of sausages and kebabs cooking over the flame. Some people have taken barbequing to the next level by adding log cabins or summer houses to their gardens, utilising these spaces as outdoor kitchens. The addition of a deck onto the building adds space for a table and chairs, making for a complete alfresco dining experience. Add a small fridge and ice-maker into your space and you’re all set for a summer to remember. Larger garden renovations could even include a fire pit; it’s great to enjoy good conversation while enjoying the flames dancing to keep you warm.

Outdoor Movie Night

There are a number of companies that rent out projectors and inflatable movie screens. This makes for great outdoor movies, particularly on warm summer evenings. Relive the drive-in feel of yesteryear, by hosting such an event in your garden, with your friends or neighbours bringing their own blankets, nibbles, and of course, insect repellent. Just remember to pick a movie that is appropriate for all attendees to watch.

Game Day (or Night)

A customised shed or another type of outbuilding is an ideal space to enjoy all forms of recreation. If you have such a structure on your property, we recommend having a game day or night with your family. Think about it; when last did you have some analogue time with a deck of cards or a board game?

Enjoy a Sundae

Who doesn’t love cooling down on a hot day with some ice-cream sundae? A great way to level up this activity is to have different toppings set out on a table, so everyone can make their ice cream their own. Add a social media angle by tagging your friends on Facebook and Instagram daring them to share their ‘designer’ sundaes.

There are many more ways to beat the summer heat; you only need to look online to find inspiration. There is something to suit any budget, any personality, and any taste. The important thing to remember is that while you’re enjoying the warmth of the sun and the greener lawn, you need to remain safe.