Irrigation and Drainage: Understanding both sides of the same coin to save stress and cost

Two critical components, of any Houston properties’ overall utility network, are the irrigation and drainage systems.  As property use progresses and evolves, the role of these two components might also change. Frequent consultations with a Houston irrigation repair service professional, about these two features of a property, whether it’s residential, commercial, industrial, or mixed-use properties, can go a long way to saving property owners stress – and lots of money – in the long run.

The Dynamic Duo

For best landscaping and natural-looking features on your property, it’s important that you have professionals review your irrigation and drainage systems frequently. While irrigation is, by definition, the process of providing water to landscaping elements, without frequent inspection and drainage cleaning, your irrigation systems may, in fact, harm, instead of help, your landscapes.

Understanding the relationship between this dynamic duo is critical for the long-term sustenance and preservation of, not just landscaping, but also the foundations and structure of your property.  And it takes teamwork to get it right, not just from ISA-certified arborists, but from certified and trained Houston irrigation repair professionals, and drainage specialists.

Beyond certification, it also requires experience and a track record of field-proven accomplishments. That’s because, while a “certified” landscaper might focus on giving you better-looking greenspaces, experienced specialists also consider other important aspects of your overall irrigation and drainage system, such as power requirements and water bills! It is in that context, then, that they provide insightful recommendations and cost-constrained advice.

Beyond Just Impeccable Landscaping

For residents living in premier Houston mixed-use locations, such as Memorial City, where residential and commercial properties often inter-mingle, drainage cleaning and irrigation services take on additional importance. While homeowners, high-rise dwelling landlords, and businesses proprietors love impeccable landscaping, it’s important to ensure every component of the irrigation and drainage network functions efficiently.

Property values and curb appeal depend greatly on exceptional landscaping. However, home and property owners must think beyond just impeccable landscaping. One often overlooked component, of your highly intertwined irrigation and drainage system, is your sump pump. It’s often said that complex systems are only as effective as the weakest link. And that sums-up the vulnerability that malfunctioning sump pumps expose residences and businesses to.

Faulty sump pumps can cause the entire irrigation and drainage network to collapse and, in the absence of timely intervention by Memorial city sump pump repair professionals, it may compromise the structure and value of your property. The role of a sump pump, as part of your drainage system, is to extract water from low-lying areas, such as basements, underground storage rooms, and cellars, and push it out away from the structure – ideally into a storm drain or well.

BOTTOM LINE: A well-designed irrigation system feeds water to all landscaping elements on the property. An optimized drainage system collects run-offs and excess water from every part of the property, ensuring there’s no pooling or puddling of residual water. But, as the weakest link in the system, a faulty sump pump may pour water (pardon the pun!) of those well-designed plans!