Know Why Cleaning Your Air Conditioner Is Important

Regular maintenance is essential for every unit regardless of what is its type. General air conditioner cleaning service covers only the exterior of the device but the aircon chemical overhaul washing removes machines such as water bowls, air filters, evaporator coils, and fan coil units. By using a chemical solution for its cleaning, technicians rinse the hose to remove any dirt particles trapped inside. This improves your indoor air quality and extends the life of your air conditioner as well.

Why is Cleaning an aircon filter important?

It is very important to avoid respiratory problems and allergies associated with the build-up of dirty air and dust particles in the conditioner. The next step is to lubricate the fan pads to ensure the device works without creating any noise when operating. If your air conditioner has a problem with water leaks, a process of aircon chemical overhaul of the sewer system will be carried out to limit the problem and prevent the air conditioner from leaking.

During chemical repairs, the evaporator coil on the fan will be dry washed to remove accumulated dust and dirt so that heat can be properly transferred to the air conditioner. This process also includes refilling the refrigerant gas, which is used for heat exchange in the air conditioning system. All chemicals used in this air conditioning chemical repair ensure that the unit provides clean air by breaking down accumulated dust and dirt that enter from the outside of the machine.

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