Landscaping 101: Plants for Every Season

Plants bring life to a garden, but a vibrantly colored garden will not just emerge out of the blue. It takes work, and that begins with knowing the plants in the garden during different seasons. Some people may choose to go with all-season plants that remain intact all year. This is seen as a cost-effective way of keeping the garden attractive and viable. Others may, however, desire to have different plants for each of the year’s four seasons to maintain a vibrant garden. Irrespective of the side you belong to, let’s talk about the various plant options you may find around – like at our nursery garden center in Boise, for example.

In Winter Season:

The winter season is known for the scantiness of leaves on trees, and gardens rarely have any color to reflect. But you don’t have to wait till the bloom period to bring color to your garden. You can contact a garden center to have plants such as Nandina, Violas, Camellias, Holly Bush, etc., provided to give your garden a lift.

In Spring Season:

Though the last moment of winter is rolled out, there may still exist some degree of cold. It is usually advisable to have plants that can withstand the cold and stay through the season. Forsythia and Dianthus are outstanding examples; these two will undoubtedly bless your garden with colors. Other plants that would work well during spring include Petunias, Lilacs, Daffodils, Snapdragons, etc.

In Summer Season:

How pleasant it is to awake to a blooming garden with flowers clothed in the sun’s radiance on a summer morning – an incredible sight to behold indeed. The truth, however, is that not all flowers or plants can withstand the heat of the sun. But we’re not without hope, as nature is gracious enough to provide us with plants like Hydrangea, Bougainvillea, and Rose of Sharon to impart vibrancy to the garden. And there are even more like Liatris, Black-eyed Susan, Lantana, Peony, Agapanthus, Hibiscus, etc.

In Autumn Season:

There is no better time to take pleasure in the colors of your garden than this very season. You’re certainly going to be spoilt for choice when getting a colorful mix of flowers/plants. Pot Marigolds, Cockscomb, Toad lily, Japanese Anemone, Versatile Coreopsis, Prairie Sumac, etc., are just some of the plants that will grow well during autumn.

All-season plants:

If you aren’t bored by seeing particular sets of plants in your garden, you can settle for any available thorough-bred plants. These will withstand all weather conditions, staying intact – albeit proper care will be required. Examples of plants in this category are Mediterranean Spurge, Box, Aucuba, Camellia, Primrose, Black Widow, etc.