Making use of fish bone meal for plants

Having a healthy garden is the sole concern of every garden owner and there’s plenty of fertilizers in the market that can help you achieve a healthy garden. Here we are going to concentrate on a type of these fertilizers known as fishbone meal fertilizers. Let’s get into the details.

What is a bone meal fertilizer? A bone meal fertilizer is a type of fertilizer made from the bones of animal. It comes in form of powder or in meal form. The bones of such animals are cleaned and washed properly then steamed and allowed to dry before crushing it into powder.

Bone meal fertilizer are mostly made out of beef bones. You can also find fish bone as a main component. In fish bone meal fertilizer, you make use of the bones from a fish and its blood rather than using bones from other animals.

It can be found anywhere just like the beef bone meal and an be used for growing several plants, fruits and vegetables in your garden. Studies show that the fish bone meal is an ideal fertilizer for growing flowers like the rose, sunflower, hibiscus flower etc.

Why use fish bone meals for plants

Fish bone meal is a great fertilizer for plants mainly because it contains essential nutrients especially phosphorous which plays a major role is helping the plant develop strong roots and grow effectively. If you have root plants such as potatoes, yam, carrots, ginger, onions etc, to mention but a few, using the fish bone root to grow your plants will be very beneficial to you.

If you have a flower garden, using the fish bone meal fertilizer for plants will

help your flowers grow and bloom very well during the spring season. It is a great fertilizer for flowers and is used by many who love to grow flowers.

The fish bone meal is rich in nitrogen which improves plant growth and brightens the green leaves of the plant. It further works hand in hand with micro organism in the soil as it is naturally an organic product to help improve the soil structure and aeration.

Plants easily absorb the fish bone meal which makes it even more effective to use. Unlike chemical fertilizers, the fish bone meal does not have any known side effects because it is made completely out of organic ingredients from a fish.