Planning An Extension To Your Home In Shrewsbury

With the cost of living increasing, interest rates rising, and unknown economic times ahead, consider extending your home rather than moving when you and your family require more space. Building an extension to your house can help turn it into your dream home and give you the space you and your family need to live comfortably. It can be much cheaper in the long run to do this and will also increase your home’s value, so it is worth doing. There are various factors you must consider when planning a home extension to ensure you do an excellent job of it, some of these factors are listed below, so you understand what you are getting yourself into when extending your Shrewsbury home.

How Much Can You Afford To Spend?

Before looking at the things you want to do with your home extension, you will first need t determine your budget to determine what you can afford to do. Your budget will dictate the size of the extension you can build and the level of finish you can achieve with your extension. Once you know how much you can afford to spend and include a contingency, you can start putting your plans together.

Get Yourself An Architect

You will find that your project will run much smoother when you have detailed plans, and you will also need these plans to apply for your planning permission. Find a reputable architect that you can use to create the plans for your home extension, and they can help ensure that you stay within budget. Once you have put your detailed plans together, you will need to get planning permission, which your architect can assist you with to make the process easier.

Getting Permission To Build

The next step of the process is applying for planning permission; if there are no complications, this is usually a straightforward process. You can get more information about planning permission and when you need it by clicking here, and you can often complete the process within eight weeks. However, you will want to have a suitable building company in place before you receive planning permission, so you can start work immediately once it is granted.

Using A Suitable Building Company

When looking at builders, Shrewsbury has several options that may be suitable for your project, and you will want to speak with several companies to ensure you select the best one. You will want to get several quotes before determining which building company you will use, and ensure you research their reputations thoroughly before deciding on the one you prefer. You can then choose which one will do the job for you, and once you have received planning permission, you can start on your building project to transform your Shrewsbury home.

You should not be ready to start your building project and have your chosen company begin the process of transforming your home. With some luck, your project will be completed on time and within budget and will go a long way in transforming your house into a loving family home.