Preparing Your Property For A Summer At Home

The COVID-19 pandemic, even in the wake of multiple vaccines, continues to affect our daily lives. While many are looking at the year ahead to be more enjoyable and hopeful than 2020, it seems unlikely that it will not be without its own issues.

One of the most significant disruptions of recent months has been the inability for many to travel. This has prevented not only many from taking a planned trip abroad but also from simply travelling across the country to see friends and family.

Being restricted to your home can be difficult, especially if certain measures aren’t taken. Boredom is an experience that can lead to more significant problems. In the same way, not enjoying enough natural light can be detrimental to our wellbeing. So, as these travel restrictions look to continue over the coming summer, it might be time to consider how you will spend it.


Your body’s circadian rhythm is essential to consider. While you may not be restricted to your home entirely, similar to the lockdowns of 2020, spending a greater amount of time indoors can still affect your body’s sleep cycle. To ensure that your sleep isn’t’ disrupted, design your home to allow as much natural light in as possible. This ensures that, even on those lazier days indoors, your body is still able to get what it needs from the sun.

Relaxing Spaces

Enjoyment at home requires dedicated spaces, those that are designed for relaxation. These spaces can be as large as a meditation room or as cosy as a simple reading nook. Annexes and summer houses are especially great as they offer a space that is separate from the home within which to escape.

When it comes to designing them, ensure that they have few distractions and are designed in a way that helps you to feel relaxed. This can be achieved with neutral tones, spacious styles, and an emphasis on quietness.

Facilitating Hobbies

Those who have always wanted to take up a hobby, such as learning an instrument or developing their creative skills, have often used periods of self-isolation to pursue these new endeavours. With the foresight to predict another season of staying at home, it can be useful for residents to better prepare for their hobbies by redesigning their homes.

For example, those interested in fitness can create a space properly dedicated to their regime, instead of having to rearrange the coffee table to allow for activity. Those wishing to pick up streaming can finally install black-out curtains, a green screen, and studio lighting to allow their broadcasts to be of professional quality.

Bring Nature Indoors

Spending more time at home doesn’t necessitate being away from nature. In fact, it is remarkably easy to bring the warmth and joy of natural environments indoors. Houseplants are an affordable and low maintenance way to fill your home with greenery, while certain materials, such as those made from woods, can help your home feel more organic and wild. By taking inspiration from the outdoors, your home can benefit from the happiness that comes from being among nature.