Summer Renovation Project Ideas for 2021

Summer has always been an ideal time to relax, giving you the best weather to enjoy the sunshine. It is also the opportune season to take on renovation projects that require reliable weather. While some of us may be brave enough to replace your home’s windows during winter, or take on a similar outdoor project, doing so under harsh weather conditions can prevent the effectiveness and quality of your work.

As we begin to look forward to the summer of 2021, and with great anticipation for many, keep in mind that it is the ideal season to improve your property. And, as the UK’s housing market continues its strength, there is excellent equity to be earned from a potential sale, which is all the more reason to improve your home as much as possible.

Paint The Exterior 

Giving the outside of your home has been demonstrated to improve your property’s value, giving it a fresher, more considered appeal. It is also an effective way of defending your home against the testing weather conditions of colder seasons.

Overall, there is only a relatively low cost to repaint your home’s exterior and it’s recommended to undertake the task once every ten years. Considering the return on investment, especially, if you’re wanting to make a great impression on potential buyers, then it’s the perfect renovation project for the upcoming summer.

Install An Outbuilding

Adding extra square footage to your property is always desirable, whether for your own enjoyment or to justifiably increase the sale price. However, due to planning restrictions and cost, it’s not often a simple task.

More people are turning to outbuildings, such as log cabins, which can be comfortably installed in most gardens and for a low cost. These buildings are not limited to storage, like sheds, and can be used as offices and extra bedrooms. Additionally, they often require no planning permission, depending on their size, which explains much of their new popularity.

Repair Or Upgrade Windows

Having recently left the colder months of the year, you will be familiar with both your home’s warmth and its energy costs. If these don’t meet your expectations, it might be time to consider replacing your windows.

By repairing your windows, or altogether upgrading them, you can better insulate your home, preventing draughts and keeping your energy consumption lower. Better quality windows will also do more to block out noise too, helping to keep your home quiet too.

Improve Your Home’s Technology

As we move further into a digital age, technology is becoming a part of our property. Smart light bulbs are being installed, smart boilers, car charging stations, and solar panels. While the initial costs of installing some of these devices are high, over time they bring great benefits.

For example, installing a car charging point in your home may require fitting a new wiring system beneath your floor. It’s a costly job but, once you have upgraded, the savings on fuels costs will begin to bring greater benefits. So, if you’re ready to take the leap into creating a smart home, summer is the best time to do it.