The Various Materials For Door & Window Frames

When you are looking to get new doors and windows in your property, there are many options available to you for the materials you can use. Each material has different properties, with some being better thermal insulators that others, and the prices can also vary drastically. If you are looking to replace the doors and windows in your building or home, below are some of the options from which you can choose that can transform it and make it look stunning.

Aluminium Window & Door Frames

Aluminium and other metals make for beautiful looking window and door frames. They are extremely hard wearing and durable and require very little maintenance. However, metal conducts heat, so they do not score very highly on the U-factor, which measures heat flow. As such, if you are going to opt for aluminium or another type of metal frame for your doors and windows, you will need to ensure there is a plastic strip to insulate them and prevent heat transfer.

Wooden Window & Door Frames

Wood has been used for window and doors frames for hundreds of years, and it has excellent insulation properties and performs much better than metal. However, the one drawback with wooden frames is they will require much more maintenance to keep them looking in excellent condition. You will need to paint and treat the wood every couple of years minimum, which can be a tiresome task. You will find that when looking for windows and doors in Oxfordshire, there are plenty of options for wooded frames, so it is a popular choice with many homeowners.

uPVC Window & Door Frames

One of the most common options for window and door frames in the UK is uPVC, available in various colours and finishes. These are durable and can last for a long time, but the one drawback is that the colour can fade from them. Your window and door frames can look tatty even though they work perfectly, but you can respray them using a professional company to bring back life to them. It can save you a lot of money as spraying the frames costs about a third of the price of replacing them.

Fibreglass Window & Door Frames

Another low maintenance option for your window and door frames is fibreglass, which can also last for a long time. The window and door frames will also have air pockets in them that you can fill with insulation, enhancing their thermal properties. Unlike uPVC frames, sunlight will not fade the colours of fibreglass frames, so they also will not require painting and can last for around 20 years. They can be an expensive option, but when you weigh up their longevity and the lack of maintenance needed, they can be an excellent option for your home.

When you are looking to replace the windows and doors in your property, you will want to speak to the experts and let them recommend the most suitable material for your building. Ensure that you shop around and you can transform the look and thermal properties of your home, making it look beautiful and feel toasty warm.