Tips on the Constriction, Cost, and Advantages of Indoor Swimming Pools

Are you considering owning a swimming pool but the process of a swimming pool installation gets you puzzled? Read through to get incredible tips to assist your decision-making process.

Advantages of an Indoor Pool

  • You get unlimited swimming time – if you live in areas with very brief warm seasons, an indoor pool would then change your swimming experience as you can use it all year round.
  • Outdoor debris doesn’t get into the pool thus little maintenance – even though the investment might be quite high, the cost will be covered later by the little maintenance required and the fact that the pool will be in use throughout the year.
  • Little exposure to the sun means less chemical application as chlorine doesn’t deplete quickly and you also get no sunburns.
  • Better privacy – not everyone enjoys an outdoor swimming experience. Some people get less involved while at an outdoor swimming pool or even take a nap in the pool. Having access to an indoor pool increases one’s privacy standards by keeping all the unwanted stares away.


  • The very high cost of construction – as indicated below, the construction cost of an indoor pool can go up to highs of $200,000. Also, a substantial size of indoor space is required to have the pool up and running.
  • Increased energy bills for heating the water and air space.
  • You do not get direct sunlight – although this also means no sunburns, it may have some setbacks as you do not get to sun-bathe after a nice swimming experience.
  • High levels of humidity – due to the large volume of water in swimming pools, a lot of moisture is lost into the air, proper covering notwithstanding. You will require specialized equipment to lower the humidity level of your indoor pool.

The Approximate Cost of Constructing an Indoor Swimming Pool

An indoor swimming pool installation requires an estimate of about $200, 000 going up. To breakdown the cost further, we can list it down as;

  • The swimming pool ranging from $40,000 to $70,000
  • For instance, you want an 1125 square feet structure with an estimated cost of $100 per square foot totaling $112,500.
  • Installation of a dehumidification system to shield the structure from being spoiled by moisture going for about $20,000 to $30,000

Going with the middle estimate for the above prices, the total cost for this theoretical project will be $187,000.

Pool Accessories to Be Used with an Indoor Pool

Pool heater – indoor swimming pools get little or no direct sunlight and they, therefore, need a way to heat the water. Conventional swimming pools used propane or natural gas heaters for the purpose.

Auto Pool Covers – even though the debate on automatic covers for outdoor pools is still ongoing, they are a must-have requirement for indoor swimming pools. Automatic covers nearly expel evaporation therefore keeping water in the pool and not in the air as well as conserving the energy for heating pool water.