Sleep is that one thing that most of us look forward to. A good night sleep can make the whole day which lies ahead of us. One of the things which is a huge contributor to the quality of your sleep is the kind of mattress is that you are using. When you are buying a new mattress, you are investing in the mattress as well as your health. There are various kinds of mattresses that you can choose from. You can either opt for a spring mattress or a Memory foam mattress Toronto. The mattress that you decide to buy should be able to provide you with restful sleep for years to come.

Memory foam technology has been around for quite some time. In a memory foam mattress, when you lie down the heat which is generated by your body starts to soften along the curves and natural lines of your body. This softening helps to provide extra support which helps you to relax even more. This relaxation helps to ensure that you sleep better. In case you are considering buying memory foam mattresses, we are here to help you out. Following are some of the top contenders that you should consider.

Uptown Memory Foam

Galaxy Bedding introduced its memory foam mattress, the Uptown Memory Foam. This type of mattress is made with Breezy Cool gel memory foam. What makes this breezy cool gel memory foam a great choice is that it is an amalgamation of the best qualities of softness and resilience. This helps to maintain the body temperature when you are sleeping. The open cell bio foam which is a part of the mattress provides great balance, support and flexibility. The mattress provides a comfort level of medium firmness. It is about ten inches in height. The uptown memory foam mattress comes with a 10-year warranty. Another thing that makes this mattress a great option is that it is available in both rolled and boxed.

Kade Memory Foam

Galaxy Bedding has some great memory foam mattresses to offer. Another great memory foam mattress in their line is the Kade Memory Foam mattress. This mattress is also made of Breezy Cool Gel Memory Foam. This type of memory foam provides the much-required softness and resilience. It helps you to maintain your body temperature and sleep in comfort. The open cell bio foam structure also adds to the restful sleep by providing unmatched support and flexibility. This mattress comes with a 10-year warranty. The Kade Memory foam mattress isn’t as high as the uptown memory foam, as its height is about 5 inches.

Winston Memory Foam

This is another great option if you are looking for a mattress with Breezy Cool gel memory foam. It is another great memory foam mattress that has been introduced in the market by Galaxy Bedding. The gel foam helps to maintain a cool body temperature while you sleep. The mattress is about 5 inches high and comes with a 10-year warranty.