What is Key Control and how it is crucial?

This could be the most ignorant point and aspect but taking it lightly in the business may lead to certain big mishaps.it is obvious to have many documents are kept under the lock and key and we reply on employee some time while dealing giving keys. It should be done, there is no denying to that but at the same time, we should always have a sense of business where we need to have some guidelines or maybe the policy to have data secured and safe.

Therefore when assessing the physical safety of your business, the mechanical keys workers control in their hands play a major role. A well-devised key control policy means you’ll always know exactly who has credentials to your building.

Implementing the key control policies and systems protect worker lives, company valuables, and the prevailing security of your facility.


As outlined above a big company must have lots of lockers, almirah, drawers, and safes. Now how the owner can control over a hundred or maybe thousands of locks, here key control policy may work. It is an access control system you can use to keep a record of your company’s keys. It makes sure and gives you some confidence level and you to be sure that keys are being used by empowered people only.

The advancement of cybercrime has made people focus their concentration on improving data security and high-tech security standards. But improper handling of mechanical keys can allow your facility to be weak even though how hard the security system is not how sophisticated security systems are in place.

Your key control system will contain steps you can handle if you know a key has been misplaced or fallen into the wrong person. It also ensures that your company keys can’t be duplicated without appropriate permission and once it is granted then only duplicate keys can be made with a proper record, which means who has permitted, who has gone to make it happen etc.


NOw let us understand the patented key control system. A patented key control system is the best way and you can be rest assured about your keys aren’t being copied by unauthorized people.

In a patented system, the key blanks are only available to the locksmith dealer directly from the manufacturer of the keys. By doing it your locksmith vendor has complete accountability and responsibility.

Slotenmaker Sint-Pieters-Leeuw one can easily rely on theirr servive. They are highly reliable and trustworthy locksmiths.  

To create a detailed key control policy, work with a locksmith that is an authorized dealer of patented key control products.


Slotenmaker Sint-Pieters-Leeuw Locksmiths are skilled and trained to do much more than just duplicate your keys. They’re experts who will work with you to create an enforceable plan to keep your business secure and safe.

Ask yourself the following questions to decide whether your facility requires the help of a locksmith for key control policy

  • Are you giving keys to your employees?
  • Is it okay for them to make copies?
  • Do you have a log issuing and recovering keys?