When you plan for the Snowmelt system installation Toronto, there are various options available in the market that you could choose from. Two significant kinds of snow melting systems are manual and automatic snow melting systems. The snow melting mats and cables attached to the surface are accompanied by sensors that detect temperature fluctuations. This sensor switches on the snow melting system automatically whenever it detects a freezing temperature or some moisture on the property where it has been installed. When you plan to get a snow melting system and are confused about which one to opt for, the following information about the advantages and disadvantages of the manual and automatic heating system will help you make a more informed decision.

Manual Snow melting System

Advantages: One of the most significant benefits of opting for a manual snow melting system is cost-saving in terms of the energy bill. It is an ideal option for the places where there is only light flurry or when the day is sunny, which would melt away the snow anyway. This snow melting system helps you take advantage of the excellent weather and reduces your energy bill significantly for the years to come.

Disadvantages:  The main reason why a manual snow melting system might not be a perfect fit for you could be because the chances of getting caught off guard by the lousy temperature are relatively high. So if there is a surprise snowstorm in the middle of the night, then there would be a snow build up outside. You can switch on the system in the morning, but it would take longer for the driveway, sideways, or the stairs to clear up and dry thoroughly. If it causes you some severe delay, you may also have to resort to shoveling the snow on the side.

Automatic Snow Melting systems

Advantages: The automatic system’s most significant advantage is that it regularly runs to keep your property dry and safe. It doesn’t require a lot of effort as you don’t have to switch on or off the heating system continually. You don’t need to be extremely concerned about the energy bill as the heating system sensors will switch on the heating system based on the weather.

Disadvantages: As running the snow melting system always guarantees the best results, this impacts your energy bill. The cost is the main and probably the only drawback of an automatic snow melting system.

Getting the best of both the world: Automatic and Manual

One of the best ways to go about it is by having a somewhat hybrid approach. This means that you could automatically run the system and make efforts to run it manually now and then. If you are spending your day at home and leaving the house with the forecast looking good, you can switch off the heating system. This helps you get the most out of the heating system and save on energy bills.