There are a lot of naturally occurring stones, which are popular choices for materials for countertops. Quartz is an engineered material that makes up for the downfall of most of the naturally occurring stones. Its durability and low maintenance have made Quartz Countertops Toronto a popular option. Though it has some really attractive features, people might still opt for naturally occurring stones because it has been around for a long while. However, Quartz has its perks, which makes it a great option.

Who installs the countertop?

Professionals do the installation of the countertops. The experienced installers will take care of the whole process from the beginning to the very end. They would also give the finishing touches to your counter. The installers would have experience installing stone countertops, so you can be assured that they would do a great job with it. The final results would exceed your expectations.

Do the countertops stain or scratch easily?

Quartz has been engineered in such a way that it is stain-resistant. The 5% polymer, which is present on the surface, makes it one of the most durable countertop options. The countertop is so durable that it doesn’t chip or scratch due to daily use. The surface is non-porous, which also saves it from staining and makes it easier to clean. Once there has been a pill, you can easily clean it. The quartz countertop could be cleaned with either a damp cotton cloth or with the help of mild dish soap and water.

Can the countertop be repaired?

No matter how hard you try, the countertop might eventually face wear and tear. If your countertop has been exposed to aggressive cutting or scrapping or high hear, then you don’t need to worry. A qualified technician will help you out and perform the needed repairs.

How can you best take care of the quartz countertop?

Once you have installed a Quartz countertop, what you need to do is take care of it so that the countertop’s life increases manifolds. The first important thing is that you should protect the countertop from extreme heat. Avoid placing any hot pan on the countertop itself. Instead, use a hot pad. The surface, which is made out of quartz, can get severely damaged by extreme heat. The Quartz countertop doesn’t require any sealing or waxing. While cleaning the countertop, make sure you don’t use any cleaning products with bleach or other abrasive contents. Though the countertop is resistant to scratch, it is highly recommended to use a cutting board while chopping vegetables or fruits.

How is quartz different from granite?

Granite is an age-old choice for countertop materials. The main difference is that quartz is not a naturally occurring stone and sells under different brand names. The quartz is available in different colors and patterns, which cant be found in naturally occurring stones. The marble and granite are more expensive, though you can get cheaper granite. The price varies from brand to brand.