Everything You Need To Know About Water Damage

Whenever water enters the house or any building be it commercial, it causes heavy damage and loss. As soon as people notice this scenario, they should start water damage restoration. This occurs in three main steps the first is water removal, the second step is removing the materials that are damaged and the third and final step will be to restore the home as it was before the intervention of the water.

Water damage can be caused either by nature or can be man-made as well. Excessive rainfall and tornadoes constitute natural disasters and the leakage or overflow in the appliances comes under man-made issues.

Steps to prevent water damage

It is better to prevent the damage that occurred by water instead of restoring the damage once it is done. The measures that can help and prevent this damage include

  • Whenever there is rainfall make sure to remove and clean the debris which otherwise will penetrate into the house from the leakages in the roof.
  • The walls that are external can sometimes leak and the paint will have cracks. If these issues are not addressed immediately there will be a chance that the water will seep inside which in turn results in water removal.
  • The basement and the foundation should not have any cracks. The pipes should be leak-free and the cement joints should also be leak-free. If this is not the case it is better to take preventive measures immediately.
  • Whenever new toilets are installed in the household, the toilet tanks should be sealed with plumber’s tape. Or else the water will come through the valve into the bowl which can be dangerous.
  • All older appliances should be checked thoroughly and serviced at least once a year.

Best ways to remove water from the damaged house

Once the damage is done and water is inside the home, there are many ways in which the restoration team proceeds with water removal. Some of them are listed below

  1. Once all the windows and doors are opened air starts coming inside and that will try to dry the water naturally. All the cabinet doors and windows should also be opened.
  2. If natural air will not be enough, they can even buy high-powered fans that can move and dry the water mechanically.
  3. Invest in a sump pump that can continuously work in removing the water that is many inches in depth.

Different Types of Damage done by water

  1. Clean water damage in which the water will be from a clean source. This will be from melted ice or supply lines.
  2. Greywater damage is wastewater damage. This water will be from detergents, chemicals, or soap which can not be used again.
  3. Black Water damage is the most dangerous of all three. This is due to the water from feces, urine, and contaminants. This should be dealt with by professional restoration companies.


Water damage damages the structure of the home building and the furniture inside. If there is any issue with the wiring to the home, there is a chance of electrical damage and that will destroy the house permanently.