Common Home Security Problems and their Solutions 

Most people overlook, ignore, or underestimate the need to install home security systems. However, with burglaries and theft on the rises, installing security systems would help scare away the burglars and help protect one’s valuable belongings.

Furthermore, security systems have provided peace of mind for most homeowners. They no longer have to worry about the security of their families and properties. Better still, well-installed systems would ensure a much safer neighborhood.

But, no matter how intense alarm systems may be, some problems can crop up, hindering the effectiveness of home security. Here are some of the most common home security problems as well as their fixes.

Insufficient Alarm Coverage

Incomplete alarm cover is a common issue to many homeowners. And in most cases, it happens when the owners purchase too small security systems. Or when the systems are not collaborative. Sometimes the incomplete coverage would be a result of the homeowners trying to install the systems by themselves.

Whichever the reason, the limited surveillance would increase chances of insecurity breach, especially when burglars realize a lapse in the security system. The solution to this problem is to have a certified alarm systems company fix a home evaluation before installing the systems. Plus the number of security systems needed for the entire home.

Devices Compatibility Issues

Every security system entails a combination of different and multiple devices. And these devices must be compatible for them to operate or function effectively.

But, what usually causes incompatibility problems is purchasing various security devices from different companies or manufacturers. When that happens, the instruments may fail to connect to other devices. Worst, they may even stop functioning.

However, it’s easy to solve this problem. Every homeowner must ensure they purchase all their security products from the same company. Even better, this company may send their technicians to help set up security, thus reducing compatibility issues.

Experiencing Falls Alarms

Most homeowners have complained of getting fall alarms, and sometimes it isn’t charming. Essentially, some of these fall alarms are due to faulty devices, poor installations, and extra sensitive systems used. On some occasions, the warnings would be triggered by sounds from falling branches.

The best way to prevent fall alarms is by ensuring proper installation and adequate maintenance. Also, provide a regular inspection to check for faulty devices and keep the system functioning.

Vulnerable Security Systems

There have been situations where some homeowners have complained of having their security hacked. Yes, it can be straightforward to hack into vulnerable systems and control the entire security system.

To solve this problem, go for those security systems that are redundant, wired, and encrypted with a solid password that no one can easily guess.

High cost of security systems

Security systems’ price has always been a concern for most homeowners. Some of these devices and technology are too expensive to the extent some individuals have opted for DIY security systems.

Of course, most DIY security systems may be cheaper. However, they are never durable and sometimes may not perform well. So, it’s better to go for expensive but durable and secure security products that would ensure no breach or threat.


Every homeowner would want to have a safe and effective alarm system. However, some problems may crop up to hinder the safety of their homes. Whichever the situation, one must always ensure they put their home safety first by finding the proper fix.