The Environmental Impact of Air Conditioning: Eco-Friendly Options

Air conditioning, whether as part of a standalone or HVAC system, does more than cool the air. It also helps home and business owners control humidity levels and improve air quality. Yet, AC systems rely on chemical coolants. They also typically require a lot of power. As a result, people believe that they can’t do anything to make the air conditioning that they rely on more environmentally friendly.

This guide quickly covers why this belief is incorrect and the steps every home or business owner can take to cool their properties with eco-friendly options that cost less over time.

Make Improvements to the Structure

Before you select a more eco-friendly AC solution, think about areas of your home or office that might impact the amount of work an air conditioner must perform to cool the building. For example, double-paned windows with solar shades can keep heat at bay. The structure might also need additional insulation in the walls and attic areas. Additionally, if the building has an old ventilation system, it’s time to repair potential air leak areas near seams, replace filters, or outfit the building with a brand new system. You can also increase energy efficiency and prevent damage from sunlight by placing an outdoor AC unit in a shaded area.

Select an Energy-Efficient Model

The next most important step toward making the building more environmentally friendly when using air conditioning is to select an AC unit that has a high Energy Efficiency Rating. Although these units require a higher upfront investment, they protect the environment and save money in the long run by using less energy from a grid connected to utilities that use fossil fuels. On consumer products, the EER appears on the yellow Energy Guide label. You should also look for the government’s Energy Star symbol, which confirms that a product is specifically designed to save energy.

Make the AC System Work Smarter 

A lot of property owners waste energy by running their air conditioning while they’re away from the home or office to make the structure as comfortable as possible upon their arrival. With smart technologies, you can preschedule your system to come on at certain times of the day. More importantly, you can use a smartphone app to remotely adjust the system while you’re on the way to the building. Smart systems offer other eco-friendly benefits as well. They can provide you with a daily health report that alerts you to problems with the system, track the air filter’s status, detect water leaks, and even provide efficiency insights. Some apps provide live support.

Schedule Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

All air conditioners acquire a buildup of dust, dirt and other debris over time that can make them run less efficiently. When air vents fill with debris, the standalone AC or HVAC system must work harder to push air through much more narrowed areas. Buildup on parts can make motors and fans run harder. When these things happen, a system uses more energy. Parts can also overheat and breakdown with time. Lastly, a poorly maintained AC unit can even leak harmful coolant into the environment.

Las Vegas Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning Services

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