Possible Reasons Why You Have Rats And Mice In Your House

You may think mice and rats enter every building, but that is not true. They are living beings who only reside in places where they get what they need to live: food, water, shelter, and comfort. If these necessities are made available to them, they will take every opportunity to make themselves comfortable in your house. 

If you own a warm home with food, chances are mice are attracted to it or may already be living in it. Any rodent situation can turn into an expensive ordeal if not handled correctly at the right time. To protect your family’s health from diseases and parasites, call pest control in the Treaure Valley today. 

Reasons why you have rats and mice in your house

  • Warmth. 

Every mammal seeks a warm shelter, and rats are no different. Mice and rats can detect the warmth of a building through wall openings and invite themselves in. While these rodents can invade your house any time of the year, you may want to pay extra attention when temperatures start dropping. They usually seek the warmth of your house in fall and winters to escape the chilly weather outside.

  • Food. 

Food is the most common and biggest reason for a mouse or rat to invade your house. Rodents do not have a stable source of food, so they are always on the lookout. They will eat anything, including pet food. However, foods that particularly lure them are chocolate, peanut butter, and bacon. Do not leave food out in the kitchen, and store them in airtight containers.

  • Poor sanitation. 

While dirt does not particularly attract mice and rats, houses with poor sanitation usually invite more of these pests. Messy garbage bins, bits of garbage lying around, and unwashed dishes in the sink can act as food sources for these rodents. 

  • Clutter. 

You may often find mice coming out when you organize the clutter of boxes in your attic or basement. Mice and rats look for small, sheltered places to burrow themselves. Clutter, such as stacks of paper and cardboard boxes, acts as the ideal hiding place for them. Try avoiding building up clutter and get rid of any already existing clutter. 

Learning what attracts mice can help reduce the chances of an infestation, but it still does not guarantee that these creatures are not already living under your roof. When your and your family’s health is at risk, you should not be compromising. Pick the best pest control service in town and clean your house today.