Save Money on your Kitchen with Engineered Stone

You may not have heard of engineered stone, or you have the product in your kitchen already, and when you consider the cost of quarrying marble and granite, plus the transportation, cutting and polishing costs, you have a very expensive product in natural stone.

Highly Skilled Process

Engineered stone is made by skilled technicians, using pressed recycled materials and natural dyes to mimic veins you find in fine marble and they create large slabs, which is perfect for building contractors. One example of premium engineered stone is Calacatta marble, which is as stunning as any natural stone and you can browse their entire catalogue, from standard to premium finishes.

Manufacturing Costs

When you buy high quality engineered stone, there are no quarrying or transport costs, as the material is made in a local factory and such is their skill, they can create stunning natural designs, giving you a wide choice. Engineered stone is every bit as durable as the natural stone, plus it is a greener way to furnish your kitchen or bathroom.

Durability and Appearance

Engineered slabs of marble or granite finish are every bit as tough and durable as their natural counterpart and if you were planning on a specific Italian marble design, the engineered stone supplier would have the perfect finish. The same polished smoothness with attractive veins and colour combinations means that engineered stone is an obvious choice and choosing the right finish will ensure that your kitchen revamp is a success.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

When compared to naturally quarried stone, you are greatly reducing your carbon footprint when you choose a man-made product, which is largely made from recycled materials. The stone is cut in a quarry, usually with explosives, which is hardly a green practice and then there is the transportation and the polishing work by the stonemason, all of which can be eliminated using engineered stone.

Large Slabs

If you have a large kitchen and would like a lot of benchtops, engineered stone is produced in large slabs, allowing for a perfect match and it can be cut to precise dimensions. Check out the range of finishes offered by the leading Australian creator of premium engineered stone and you will find something just right for your project.

There are a few ways to finish engineered stone, it can be toned with leather, polished or left with a matt finish and when looking online, you can view hi-resolution images of premium products and make your selection.