Tell-Tale Signs That you Need More Living Space

If you are married with a couple of growing children, there will likely come a time when you are in need of extra living space. When that time arrives, you have several options; you can add an extension to the existing house, erect stand-alone accommodation, knockdown & rebuild or sell up and buy a larger property.

Here are a few tell-tale signs that your family needs more living space.

  • Children conflicts – While it might be fine to have both kids sleep in the same room for a couple of years, they will soon reach the age when they would prefer to have their own private space. If your kids argue about sharing a bedroom, this is a sign that you should start looking for solutions.
  • Bad grades – If one of your children gets a bad school report with lower than usual grades, this could be due to not being able to do their homework because the kids share a room. Once a child reaches secondary school age, the work becomes more difficult and students need to focus on homework assignments. If a student doesn’t have a quiet place to work, this could cause issues further down the road.
  • Lack of storage space –If your garage is full of old furniture because the spare room is full, it might be time to look at the various ways to increase living space. The most common solution is to add a second-storey extension to the side or rear of the property, which can give you up to 4 more rooms.
  • Crowded dining room – The dining room is a great place when you need to sit at the table and focus on something and if family members are arguing over this space, it might be time to extend.
  • Bringing a dog into the home – If you think the time is right to introduce a puppy to the family, it is important to prepare and if your home is on the small side, why not extend the rear of the property and the puppy can sleep in the new space.
  • A cluttered home – Imagine suddenly coming to the conclusion that you need to put stuff away and there isn’t anywhere left for storage! Most people are natural hoarders, and it can be hard to throw useful things away and you end up with so much stuff that you will never need!
  • Business startup – Many Australians decide to go out on their own and it has never been easier to register a small business. Every company need a HQ and by building an extension or adding a stand-alone structure, you have the perfect home office. If you opt for a stand-alone solution, you can work late and not bother the family. Make sure you connect the utilities to give you power, water, a phone and an Internet connection; talk to a local modular building supplier and see how far your budget will actually go!

Talk to a local builder and see what they come up with in terms of design and the builder can prepare an all-inclusive quote for your project.