Last-Minute Spruces To Bring Market Appeal To Your Home

Selling your home can be an especially challenging task. Among the navigation of agencies and paperwork, there is the added stress of financial management too, with almost every homeowner seeking the best potential price for their property. While the value of a home has great potential to fluctuate, often outside of an individual’s control, there are also a number of ways in which a resident can change and, notably, improve their property’s value, even in a short space of time.

Here are some of the best ways that last-minute value can be added to your home, with each method being proven to contribute to both greater interest in a property and, importantly, the likelihood of higher offers.

New Coats

There are a number of reasons why a fresh coat of paint is hugely beneficial to a property being sold and, for anyone selling a property it truly should be considered the first port of call. Regardless of what colour is chosen, although neutral colours tend to perform better among a greater number of potential buyers, the bright appearance and clean smell of new paint have a positive effect on those visiting a home as it exudes cleanliness and quality, especially since aged paint tends to fade and feel drab.

Greater Storage

Space is, perhaps, the most important quality sought after by buyers. This is why it is in the interest of sellers to ensure that their home’s capacity is duly optimised. There are few better ways to achieve this than with greater storage. While creating new room might seem challenging, there are a number of ways in which storage can be worked into furniture, such as inside sofas and beds, as well as through modular vertical storage that can alleviate home decor from a floor plan.

Professional Space

With an increasing number of residents now working from home, professional space is ever more important. While some are happy to compromise a second room or attic for their business, others will want to maintain that a professional space is separate from the main property. This is where an outbuilding, such as a log cabin or annexe, is ideal. Now more affordable and easier to create than ever before, these luxurious additions are being found in gardens across the country, occasionally replacing garden sheds too!

Lighter And Brighter

A well-lit home is far more likely to make a great first impression. Brighter homes tend also to suggest improved amounts of space too, working in the buyer’s favour. By changing lightbulbs, cleaning windows, and refreshing curtains, a home can quickly feel anew.

Clear Of Clutter

While you may find yourself attached to certain decor items and even photographs, these objects often work to a disadvantage, detracting from a buyer’s perspective by leaving a sense of ownership among the home. Instead, clear as many personal identifiers from your home as you can and, prior to any viewings, ensure that your home is designed sparsely and with a relatively plain design. This will make it far easier for buyers to imagine their own presence in the space.